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Five factors that will boost your GATE preparation

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

It is advantageous for GATE aspirants to be consistently curious about their preparation in order to achieve significant results and invite prospects for jobs and future studies in one of the country's recognized colleges.

Understanding of the newly released syllabus and basics.

  • Stay updated.

  • Make a note of the examination dates.

  • Download the admit card ahead of time.

  • Pay close attention to the most recent GATE syllabus.

  • Make use of flashcards and sticky notes. A useful learning aid. Revision time is reduced.

  • Determine the importance of the subject for the respective competitive Level of Examination.

Gather the best resources for GATE preparation.

  • Accumulate the essential preparation books recommended by IIT professors for GATE preparation.

  • Refer to e-books, online videos, and YouTube lectures.

  • As the mode of examination is online, prefer practicing online to get used to the actual environment of the exam.

Kick off your GATE preparation without any delay

  • Begin your preparation as soon as possible to ensure complete understanding and clarity of the subjects for the GATE examination.

  • Conduct the necessary time management analysis.

  • Analyze the difficulty level to determine the number of times you must revise specific topics in order to achieve 100 percent accuracy.

Consistent Mock Tests

  • Attend regular mock exams to assess your level of preparation for the GATE Exam.

  • Register for the mock test that has been uploaded to the GATE official website.

  • Practicing mock exams on a regular basis improves the accuracy and morale of candidates taking the exam.

Answer Previous Year’s Questions

  • The previous year's GATE exam questions would provide insight into real examination experience and pattern. It is also recommended that you solve past 20 years papers to gain a basic understanding of the real GATE examination environment.

  • To maintain consistency and accuracy, students must complete the practice papers within the time limit of the actual examination.

We hope that these GATE preparation tips will be useful to candidates who want to pass the GATE exam in one sitting. Keep checking the relevant website for new notifications. Maintain a positive attitude. SUCCESS!

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