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We are Previo, and we can’t wait to start guiding you to make you an expert in chemical engineering acumen. Your vision is of utmost importance to us. We’re eager to map out your preparation needs and provide you with the necessary aids to achieve success.
Gear up to build a success story and get in touch with us today!


We have been helping the GATE - Chemical Engineering aspirants by delivering detailed solutions to the Previous Year Questions (PYQs) that transform their exam preparations. 
We bring to you – 
•    Detailed stepwise and error-free solutions for the PYQs
•    Practice mode and Test mode to practice the actual GATE papers in a real GATE environment
•    Solutions to ALL the questions, including Aptitude and English!
•    Forum dedicated for your doubts and discussions
All our content is created/reviewed by the alumni of the top IITs.

Concepts Through Questions (CTQs)

We bring to you a very important technique to learn the concepts in a very efficient manner. We provide a quality content of questions along with the detailed solutions to teach you varied concepts important from the GATE Chemical Engineering syllabus. Weekly posts are created and made available to you via dedicated forum.

We present to you – 
•    Unique, thought provoking questions

•    Detailed stepwise solutions for all the questions
•    Weekly posts with a free access 
•    A dedicated Forum for you to have detailed discussion among your peers
All our content is created/reviewed by the alumni of the top IITs.

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